Guest Updates and a Humble Confession

I have a confession. I kind of cheated with the first season of the Creative City podcast. I talked to people I know and like and would’ve talked to regardless of a recording. It wasn’t so much about discovering new people doing creative stuff as it was conversations with friends who just happen to be cool people doing creative stuff. Selfish? Maybe a little. But hopefully you got something out of it anyway.

So, for Season two, I’d like your input: who do YOU want to hear from? It can be someone you know, or someone you’re curious about, but the idea is to explore the folks propelling our creative community and pushing our city forward. Get in touch and let me know your thoughts!

Speaking of friends/Season One guests, people have been busy! Here are a few updates:

Writer Grace Dobush (Episode 1) recently wrote an article for (helmed by Tasha Stewart, Episode 5) about Curtis Sittenfeld’s new book, which is set in Cincinnati and has been attracting national attention.

Cincy Chic founder Amy Scalia (Episode 3) always has great events--this Friday’s Haute Hyde Park promises to be a shopping extravaganza. Did I mention they wrote an article featuring me talking about this very podcast?

Matt Tomamichel (Episode 4) opened Corporate's OTR location and it is bee-you-tee-ful. Stop by the next time you’re waiting for a table at your favorite Vine Street restaurant.

James Marable (Episode 7) has yet another social media account under his belt--follow Its A Nudy Party on Twitter for the most fire parties in the city.

Allen Woods (Episode 8) and the rest of the MORTAR team are holding “Life’s a Pitch” Pitch Night and Graduation on April 26th, featuring participants who have successfully completed the 9-week entrepreneurship training course. I’ll be there hosting a pop-up podcast featuring several promising graduates, so stop by and say hello!