Creative City Episode #37 - Jewelry Designer Jill Goulait

Jill Goulait started making jewelry as a hobby after taking a simple soldering class, and what began as a diversion turned into a full-fledged occupation. The simple, minimalist designs that distinguish Circle Circle Jewelry ( are inspired by deconstructing shapes down to their most basic form. We discuss how and why she changed the name of her business, how she found the perfect Production Assistant, and why it’s important to learn from everything you try.

We also discuss:

  • Going through the vigorous First Batch ( accelerator program
  • Why etsy makes a great testing ground for everything from product design to marketing
  • What a difference straightforward descriptions, on-figure photos, and good customer service makes
  • How important it is to test, measure results, and stay nimble
  • Possible plans to make fine jewelry and create a bridal line

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Retailers MiCA 12/v, Morrison & Me, and 21C Cincinnati
Episode #27 - Fashion Designer Jenifer Sult
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Creative City Episode #36 - Music Producer Kick Lee

Kick Lee landed in music production by sheer accident, after studying graphic design and discovering he wasn’t made for the corporate world. He grew up listening to music and has since become a fan of a number of genres, from bluegrass and country to hip-hop and EDM. We talk about his process for creating tracks from scratch, how music licensing works, and why he decided to make music his career (spoiler: it was when he got a $10K check for one gig!).

We also discuss:

  • His experience at Full Sail University and why it was one of the best decisions he made.
  • Being a black man with diverse tastes and talents, and the content that inspires him
  • The difference between exclusive vs non-exclusive licensing, and royalty back-end payments
  • What agencies and large companies look for when sourcing music for campaigns
  • Plans for KL Studios, his new recording and production studio designed to empower communities through sound
  • His affinity for Batman (?!?!)

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Elementz, Episode #25 
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Creative City Episode #35 - Preneur Manager Stephanie Bohanon

Stephanie Bohanon studied finance and commercial real estate before a store management position at Preneur crossed her path. The brainchild of Procter & Gamble, Preneur is a year long 3rd party popup shop created to share new Tide products with the market and showcase local businesses. We chat about working with independent businesses, what it means to be an experiential retailer, and how today’s ambitious youths make us want to play catch-up.

We also discuss:

- The benefits of trying new creative ideas to see what sticks
- How small makers benefit from working with large brands, and vice versa
- Upcoming themes like sports, independent fashion (yay!), and wellness
- Hosting a series of small events like speaker series, shopping events, and cocktail hours
- Partner brands like Arkadiance, Native Brand, Originalitees, Game Day Feels, and Loner


Preneur, 1333 Walnut St. at the corner of Walnut & Mercer
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MORTAR Pitch night podcast
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Creative City Episode #34 - Film Director Brandon Faris

Film Director Brandon Faris co-founded video production studio LEAPFrame in 2013, but his real first love is music. After studying sound production, he took on stints engineering music for commercials (he wrote a song a for Ford Truck ad!) and as a youth minister before learning to edit video by creating classic spots and mini-documentaries for Current TV. We talk about how he got his first videos on air, why he started his own podcast (Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon), and how he’s really a fashionista at heart.

We also discussed:

  • Why getting a job as a used car salesman literally made him cry
  • Realizing his sweet spot was between somewhere between editing in a dark room and new business development
  • Product-izing and packaging the video production process
  • How he always has multiple books in circulation (how?)
  • Why he converted to a 15-piece capsule wardrobe (again, how?)

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Creative City Episode #33 - Handzy Shop + Studio

Friends Suzy and Brittney met in the first day of class during their 2nd year in college, and have been inseparable ever since. They started Handzy ( as a graphic design studio, creating branding for small businesses and stationery for craft fairs before embarking on a new venture: retail. We talk about working with other independent creators, how a more visually holistic approach to design has streamlined their process, and why Instagram Friends are (almost) as good as IRL ones.

We also discussed:

  • How having a shop started as an inside joke that quickly turned into a reality
  • The process of creating and curating their rad Instagram images
  • How wedding invitations are the bridge between client work and stationery design
  • Why networking is not nearly as effective (or fun!) as friend-making
  • How they approach blogging as a small business


Handzy Design Shop + Studio, 15 W Pike Street, Covington, KY
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Creative City Episode #32 - Designer Chris Glass

Designer Chris Glass ( intended to go to school to study film, but wound up in Visual Communication, transitioning from analog to computer-based work on the cusp of the digital revolution. We talk about how he progressed from creating CD-ROMS (remember those?) to designing the logo for the Obama administration’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, how taking daily photos turned into a motivator to lead an interesting life, and why the Beliebers came after him on Twitter.

We also discussed:

  • How being attracted to a “rock sensibility” led him to design everything from album covers to t-shirts
  • Finding the rhythm and the beauty of having mundane rest days
  • His Haile Foundation Fellowship focused on learning more about photography and celebrating the way it can bring people together
  • The importance of physically meeting in a space and exploring it together
  • Launching the new PhotoScouting Cincinnati book (available April 3rd!) and Pixels & Ink co-working space

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Season 4 is here! Creative City Episode #31 - Artist & Art Educator Pam Kravetz

We’re back for Season 4! In episode #31, I talk to Pam Kravetz, an Artist and Art Educator with a penchant for "tutus, big wigs, and faux furs.” She’s done everything from performative art and yarn bombing to teaching children and radical puppetry. We chat about how she found her voice as an artist, the importance of connecting with people through public art, and earning two college varsity letters as the University of Cincinnati Bearcat mascot(!)

We also discussed:

- Celebrating what you’re good at, and pushing yourself in areas you’re not
- How volunteering as a docent helped her realize she enjoyed talking about and teaching art
- Why teaching has made her a better artist and vice versa
- The need to say something different with her work in today’s political climate
- Letting go of the idea of perfection

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Creative City Episode #30 - Janet Hill, Project Manager

For the final episode of Season 3, I talk to Project Manager Extraordinaire Janet Hill (, who’s a pro when it comes to finding the path to get things done. She’s worked on everything from ArtWorks’ 21 Candles anniversary celebration to location management for the Marauders movie filmed here in Cincinnati. We chat about the reward of seeing a vision come to life, why collaboration is SO important on large-scale events, and how working at Kenner Toy Co was just as fun as you think would be.

We also discussed:

  • How being a Girl Scout led to gaining experience organizing things and events 
  • How working on the opening of Sawyer Point Park and the Cincinnati bicentennial helped her quick start her career
  • The secret to keeping up with all of the moving parts of a large-scale project
  • Being more collaborative than competitive
  • How to take advantage of unpredictable scenarios and go with the flow