Creative City Episode #40 - 2018 Haile Fellows Nicole Armstrong & Elisa Hoffman

The torch has been passed, and the 2018 Haile Fellows are digging in: Nicole Armstrong is developing Queen City Certified, a business certification system focused on gender equity, and Elisa Hoffman is creating School Board School, training that provides potential school board officials with the skills, experience, and mindset to be effective in that role.

We talk about what it means to manage a “streaming” project, learning from each other’s type-A tendencies, and what happens after the fellowship.

I also had some advice based on my experience as a 2017 Fellow, including:

  • What to do (and what to definitely NOT do)
  • Shipping when it hits B-
  • My most meaningful pivot
  • Incorrect assumptions I made
  • The fellowship year timeline
  • Staying on track while maintaining life balance
  • The one thing I recommend doing ASAP

Want to get involved? Get in touch with Nicole and Elisa via People’s Liberty (, or get in touch with me at


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Music by The Passion HiFi