Creative City Episode #17 - Fashion Designer Asha Daniels

Fashion designer and two-time Project Runway contestant Asha Daniels of Asha Ama gets real about reality show casting (psych evaluation, anyone?), how she went from interning at Garanimals to creating designs for a major fashion house, and why she decided to forgo corporate in favor of her own couture line.

We got into details about the email that got her an internship at Marchesa (listen up, aspiring designers), a random draping experiment that eventually became the showpiece of the bridal couture line, and one guest judge’s* utter rudeness--which was completely cut from the show. Asha has some exciting design projects coming up this Fall--including designing not one, but two wedding dresses for her own nuptials--so fellow fashion lovers will want to take note!

*I’m gonna spoil it for you: Zac Posen. I know. I know. I was shocked too.

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