Creative City Episode #32 - Designer Chris Glass

Designer Chris Glass ( intended to go to school to study film, but wound up in Visual Communication, transitioning from analog to computer-based work on the cusp of the digital revolution. We talk about how he progressed from creating CD-ROMS (remember those?) to designing the logo for the Obama administration’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, how taking daily photos turned into a motivator to lead an interesting life, and why the Beliebers came after him on Twitter.

We also discussed:

  • How being attracted to a “rock sensibility” led him to design everything from album covers to t-shirts
  • Finding the rhythm and the beauty of having mundane rest days
  • His Haile Foundation Fellowship focused on learning more about photography and celebrating the way it can bring people together
  • The importance of physically meeting in a space and exploring it together
  • Launching the new PhotoScouting Cincinnati book (available April 3rd!) and Pixels & Ink co-working space

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Music by The Passion HiFi