Creative City Episode #21 - Photo Stylist Jessie Cundiff

Welcome back for Season 3 of the Creative City podcast! 

Photo Stylist and all-around creative babe Jessie Cundiff started as a fine artist and has been a successful freelance stylist for six years. We chat about what it takes to build your portfolio, the importance of doing the work, and why being part of a community makes a difference in work and in life.

We also discuss:
-How Jessie got her start as a stylist
-How her fine arts skills help her on the job
-What she looks for in an assistant stylist
-Why it’s fun to experiment and push boundaries
-Taking time to travel and explore
-Being a Big Sister! 

As mentioned:
@jessccbell on Instagram
Creative City episode #15 - Rosie Kovacs of Brush Factory Furniture
@thestylesample on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat

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