Creative City Episode #12: Scott Beseler on Founding a Multi-Use Creative Studio

Photographer and CEO of The Lodge ( Scott Beseler talks turning a masonic lodge into a multi-use creative studio, collaborating with Walk the Moon, and the importance of combining word-of-mouth marketing with one-to-one outreach.

Scott and I talked about his vision: creating a space where his mutual friends—photographers, graphic designers, painters, screen printers, and musicians--could have a creative outlet (and stop making excuses). It took five years(!), but creative space and recording studio The Lodge, located in a former masonic temple in Dayton Kentucky, is ready to host a community of artists. We discussed starting small and expanding later, lamented the adult conversations that have to happen in order to run a business (insurance, anyone?), and tried to pinpoint the increasingly blurred line between work and life.

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Music by The Passion Hifi