Creative City Episode #37 - Jewelry Designer Jill Goulait

Jill Goulait started making jewelry as a hobby after taking a simple soldering class, and what began as a diversion turned into a full-fledged occupation. The simple, minimalist designs that distinguish Circle Circle Jewelry ( are inspired by deconstructing shapes down to their most basic form. We discuss how and why she changed the name of her business, how she found the perfect Production Assistant, and why it’s important to learn from everything you try.

We also discuss:

  • Going through the vigorous First Batch ( accelerator program
  • Why etsy makes a great testing ground for everything from product design to marketing
  • What a difference straightforward descriptions, on-figure photos, and good customer service makes
  • How important it is to test, measure results, and stay nimble
  • Possible plans to make fine jewelry and create a bridal line

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Retailers MiCA 12/v, Morrison & Me, and 21C Cincinnati
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