Creative City Episode #34 - Film Director Brandon Faris

Film Director Brandon Faris co-founded video production studio LEAPFrame in 2013, but his real first love is music. After studying sound production, he took on stints engineering music for commercials (he wrote a song a for Ford Truck ad!) and as a youth minister before learning to edit video by creating classic spots and mini-documentaries for Current TV. We talk about how he got his first videos on air, why he started his own podcast (Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon), and how he’s really a fashionista at heart.

We also discussed:

  • Why getting a job as a used car salesman literally made him cry
  • Realizing his sweet spot was between somewhere between editing in a dark room and new business development
  • Product-izing and packaging the video production process
  • How he always has multiple books in circulation (how?)
  • Why he converted to a 15-piece capsule wardrobe (again, how?)

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