Creative City Episode #35 - Preneur Manager Stephanie Bohanon

Stephanie Bohanon studied finance and commercial real estate before a store management position at Preneur crossed her path. The brainchild of Procter & Gamble, Preneur is a year long 3rd party popup shop created to share new Tide products with the market and showcase local businesses. We chat about working with independent businesses, what it means to be an experiential retailer, and how today’s ambitious youths make us want to play catch-up.

We also discuss:

- The benefits of trying new creative ideas to see what sticks
- How small makers benefit from working with large brands, and vice versa
- Upcoming themes like sports, independent fashion (yay!), and wellness
- Hosting a series of small events like speaker series, shopping events, and cocktail hours
- Partner brands like Arkadiance, Native Brand, Originalitees, Game Day Feels, and Loner


Preneur, 1333 Walnut St. at the corner of Walnut & Mercer
@PreneurCincy on Facebook and Instagram
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