Creative City Episode #36 - Music Producer Kick Lee

Kick Lee landed in music production by sheer accident, after studying graphic design and discovering he wasn’t made for the corporate world. He grew up listening to music and has since become a fan of a number of genres, from bluegrass and country to hip-hop and EDM. We talk about his process for creating tracks from scratch, how music licensing works, and why he decided to make music his career (spoiler: it was when he got a $10K check for one gig!).

We also discuss:

  • His experience at Full Sail University and why it was one of the best decisions he made.
  • Being a black man with diverse tastes and talents, and the content that inspires him
  • The difference between exclusive vs non-exclusive licensing, and royalty back-end payments
  • What agencies and large companies look for when sourcing music for campaigns
  • Plans for KL Studios, his new recording and production studio designed to empower communities through sound
  • His affinity for Batman (?!?!)

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